Performance news

Forthcoming performances include...


3rd - The Brdcage

4th - The Kitsch Kittens

10th - The Birdcage

24th - The Gin Nook

25th - Variety Bunker

26th - Twinwood Festival

31st - The Crooked Billet


1st - Variety Bunker Singalong - The Amersam Arms

2nd - Kinky Kabaret, Freedom Bar Soho

7th - Birdcage Cabaret

12th - Claygate Centre

14th - Heritage Day West Hall West Byfleet

14th - Birdcage Cabaret

20th - The Vintage Fish, Wimbledon

21st - Birdcage Cabaret

22nd - Singalng-a-Sixties

25th - The Vintage Fish, Wimbledon

26th - BBC Music Day

28th - The People's Mansion Ball & Heritage Day Bristol

29th - Variety Bunker Singalong


4th - The Vintage Fish, Wimbledon

6th - Variety Bunker, The Amersham Arms

11th - The Vintage Fish, Wimbledon

12th The Birdcage Caberet

18th The Vintage fish, Wimbledon

25th - The Vintage Fish, Wimbledon

26th- Cherries On A Cloud, Gloucester

27th - Variety Bunker, London


1st - The Birdcae Cabaret

2nd - the Birdcage cabret

8th - The Vintage Fish

9th - private function

10th - The Shawl

15th -  The Vintagee Fish

16th - "Return to County Hall", Wanstead

22nd - The Birdcage Cabaret

24th - Variety Bunker, London

28th - Naked Girls Reading

29th - The Aeronaut

30th - The Aeronaut


1st - The Marvelous Mrs Singsall, Comedy Museum

6th - The Vintage Fish

8th - The Star, Luton

13th - The Hundred Watt Club

14th - Cherries On A Cloud

15th Singalong a Festive Sixties

20th - The Vintag Fish

22nd - Variety Buker Singalong

27th - The Vintag Fish

31st - Private Event

See you there!

Miss Em.  xx